Every time you give Milk-Bone® dog snacks, you're helping provide service dogs to those in need all over North America - through organizations such as National Service Dogs (NSD). Whether it's helping people with disabilities, serving as companions for seniors, or working in search and rescue, these amazing dogs give themselves to their communities.

National Service Dogs (NSD) was the first service dog training center to focus on assisting children living with autism. These dogs increase safety levels, and reduce the bolting behaviours of autistic children by acting as an anchor when tethered to the child. Service dogs also help improve a child's socialization and behaviour skills. This creates freedoms for the child and family members to go out of the house safely and experience more of life.

NSD passionately believes in the practical and therapeutic value of these incredible service dogs, and takes enormous pride in matching these dogs with special children living with autism in our own communities. They have successfully trained over 180 autism service dog teams across Canada with the support of their 9 staff members, 200 hard-working volunteers, and thousands of donors.